Haiice's main products currently include blood glucose meters and test strips. The company adheres to the production philosophy of putting technology first and striving for excellence to serve the public, constantly innovating product technology, and bringing the gospel of health to the vast number of users.

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We have a modern 100000 level purification production workshop and a 10000 level inspection environment, with top-notch professional research and development teams conducting forward-looking technology research and productization

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Advanced production equipment, scientific monitoring and measurement instruments ensure stable and continuous improvement of product quality

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Glycated Hemoglobin Test Kit

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abstract:Highly accurate

Unique gel bead agglutination inhibitor, using antigen/antibody principle to ensure high accuracy of detection
The correlation between finger blood or venous blood and high-performance liquid phase can reach 99%
Has good importance, with a coefficient of difference of less than 5%
HbA1C and indicators of blood glucose levels from 4 to 8 weeks are effective means to guide patients in controlling blood sugar levels